Stainless Steel Diamond Series Grill


The Ultimate in Grilling

  • Unique design allows the bars to expand & contract.
  • Easier to clean then ordinary round bar grills.
  • Heavy duty, long lasting and corrosion resistant.
  • Designer looks, professional results.
  • Non spot welded to prevent breakage under heat.

This Diamond series stainless steel grill is the ultimate in grilling leaving the perfect restaurant style stripes in the meat. The unique patented Australian design allow the bars to expand & contract, this prevents breakage.

Furthermore with the diamond shape only 0.5mm of bar comes in contact with food and that is the secret of restaurant style stripes. Cooking without cross bars makes cleaning a breeze.

Because this is a paint and rust free non-stick surface cleaning the Topnotchâ„¢ stainless steel bbq grill is very easy if you follow these simple steps. Using a scouring pad, warm water, detergent or a diluted cup of vinegar with water (50/50) will clean the surface spotless every time.

How does it work?