Stainless Steel Baking Dish


The baking dish has been designed and made using a variety of austenitic ferritic stainless steel to accelerate your cooking time, practically halving suggested cooking times as shown in our cooking tests. It is fitted with an adjustable steam vent and a temperature gauge that can also be used as a meat probe. This baking dish cooks to perfection in less time than using a conventional oven, and be held at a desired temperature by adjusting the gas in the normal way.

The vent located at the back of the dish is designed to regulate the heat and to let steam escape. The unique design & placement of the handles allows them to stay relatively cool if the dish is used with the hood open or closed.

This baking dish is made from high grade, robust stainless steel. Designed for durability but still comparatively lightweight. The base is made from special heat transferring stainless steel, so the heat is transferred evenly all around with no hot spots occurring. The lid is made from heat reflecting material to reflect heat downwards which creates an oven like cooking environment inside the dish.


This baking dish can also be used on gas stoves taken out camping and used on portable gas burners. You can literary half your recommended cooking time when using the Topnotch™ Baking Dish. Available in 15′ 13′ 10′ and for Rinnai BBQ’s also available in Exlan® non-stick coating.