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Topnotch™ barbeque plates and baking dishes are manufactured from a special grade of heat transferring stainless steel. It is the composition of the material which gives the Topnotch™ Stainless Steel Hot Plates the special ability to transfer and retain heat as well as being corrosion resistant. Topnotch™ Barbeque Plates are paint & chemical free, and extremely durable.Past problems associated with the use of Stainless Steel, like poor heat transfer and food sticking have been overcome through intense research and development of the material used to produce the Topnotch™ range of Products.

Are you aware, that Cast Iron, the standard barbequing surface, has its limitations? Cast Iron can easily rust once the protective paint has burned off and can then react with salts and marinates.

One of the major problems with Cast Iron is that it is produced from recycled metal which causes the Cast Iron to be porous. The chemicals used in cleaning, combined with any rust present, seep into the sponge like metal and these potentially harmful properties can be released into the food, which we in turn digest

Unlike traditional Cast Iron surfaces the Topnotch™ Stainless Steel surface  is non porous, so remnants of past food and oil can not become trapped within the surface. This is particularly important in Australia’s climate as bacteria can easily multiply if the surface is just warmed and not heated to 64 degrees centigrade and above.

Also, food cooked on your Topnotch™ Stainless Steel Hotplate will not take on the flavours of anything else you’ve previously cooked on the BBQ.